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Work Testimonials

"Chaps is one of the best editors I’ve ever worked with. His attention to detail and tenacity were always added bonuses in the edit bay. His ability to find the story within a batch of raw takes is something to watch. I also enjoyed watching him add pathos and drama to a seemingly benign highlight reel to make it more than just a bunch of action shots. It was a pleasure to work with Chaps and I would love the opportunity to do so again in the future."

David Butler
Former Executive Producer
ONE Championship

"Chaps is an editor that I can’t speak more highly of. I worked with him as a producer and was always grateful to have Chaps as the editor of my projects. To put it simply, I always knew that my project was in good hands with him. Whether it be a video that was highly produced with a detailed brief, or a last-minute idea that had zero time and zero planning, Chaps always knocked it out of the park. Always ready to take on new challenges, try new things, and bring his own ideas to the table, Chaps continually elevated videos above their original concept. If you are lucky enough to have Chaps working on your project, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed."
Ryan Jones
Former Producer
ONE Championship

"Chaps is a reliable team player that can step up when the group needs a leader. He continues to challenge himself by self-studying on multimedia production, ensuring a balance of technical skill and an artistic point of view. His work attitude and drive for excellent output makes him easy to work with, and one his co-workers won't easily forget."
Chrissy Icamina-Dalusong
Former Head of Digital Solutions

Summit Media (Summit Publishing Co., Inc.)

"I worked with Chaps when he was the Multimedia Unit Supervisor and I was the Team Publisher of Candy Magazine. I really enjoyed working with him because “he gets me”. From the moment I presented an idea to him, to brainstorming (and tweaking that idea), to shooting and editing, he was always open to what I had to say (I felt heard) and would also come up with suggestions and tweaks to improve the footage/project. It made work fun, light and enjoyable. Thank you, Chaps! 10/10 would definitely want to work with him again and recommend to others."
Christine Ko
Former Team Publisher
Summit Media (Summit Publishing Co., Inc.)

"Chaps is the top-choice editor the producers want to work with at ONE Championship.  His creative ability to transform scripts and concepts to a higher-quality product makes him a valued asset. And he goes above and beyond in his work, leading by example to the juniors in the company."
Sharkee Tan
Former Senior Producer
ONE Championship

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