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Hi, I am Chaps!

I have more than a decade of experience in the media industry. I started as a comedy writer for ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation, a leading TV station in my hometown Manila.

Wanting to explore other areas of video production, I decided to join Summit Media, a pioneer in digital and print media publishing. As a web producer, I had the opportunity to be involved in the entire production process - producing, shooting, and editing online multimedia content for local editions of international magazine titles such as FHM, Top Gear, and Cosmopolitan. Eventually, I was tapped to lead and manage the multimedia group, the team that created content for more than 7 websites. Our team was able to significantly improve the quality of content across several websites, contributing to the rise of page view numbers.

In 2013, I decided to move to Singapore to explore greater opportunities in the industry. As Singapore is a business and media hub in the region, I was able to gain experience in producing videos not only for the ASEAN region but also for the larger Asia Pacific market. 

Since 2017, I have been working at ONE Championship, Asia's largest sports media company. As a senior editor, I create content for social networks and broadcasts, including videos for live shows, which are broadcast in over 180 countries. 

I have been working in Singapore for almost a decade now and still doing what I love best - telling stories through moving images.

Let's collaborate and tell a good story together. Email me! 


Here are some of the brands that I've worked on

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